3 Non-Competition Reasons to Attend an E-Fest

After a spectacular event in Vellore, India, in February 2019, ASME E-Fest season is kicking off in the United States.

If you haven’t heard yet, ASME E-Fests are global festivals that enable engineering students from around the world to expand their knowledge, test and showcase their skills, share innovative ideas, and jumpstart their careers. Over the course of three jam-packed days, students come together to innovate, create, compete, and—most importantly—celebrate engineering.

For many student sections, going to an ASME E-Fest is a logical spring activity. Where else would they race their Human Powered Vehicle? Or enter their Student Design Challenge? Or their IAM3D project?

But what if you aren’t entering a design competition—you might be asking yourself whether attending an ASME E-Fest is worth it.

With the help of past ASME E-Fest student organizers, sponsors, and ASME staff we have compiled the top three reasons why you should sign-up to attend ASME E-Fest this year.

1. Discover Your Major

Mechanical engineering is a very broad major and, as the lines between engineering disciples continue to blur as a result of advancing technologies, it might be a bit confusing to know what it really means to be a mechanical engineer. As part of our non-competition program, we host multiple sessions that allow you to hear directly from engineers about what they’re doing every day.

“This event showed me more of what it really means to be an engineer and showed me some of the awesome things I will get to do in the future.”
-ASME E-Fest East 2018 Attendee
“I enjoyed the opportunity to go out and get in touch with real mechanical engineering experiences. I enjoy meeting other mechanical engineers and listening to the guest speakers.”
-ASME E-Fest West 2018 Attendee

2. Student Section Support

ASME Student Section officers put forth hundreds of hours to enhance their members’ experiences: fundraising, planning general meetings, recruiting new members, and even helping organize volunteer activities.

ASME E-Fests bring together student sections from more than 74 universities to share what they’re doing, give each other feedback, and even help solve common problems. New student sections, returning student sections, and long-standing sections of all sizes come together with the goal of an open communication.

“It is important for students to attend an ASME E-Fest event because it inspires students and allows them to meet students from around the world…The opportunities are endless. It also provides the students opportunities to meet other students exactly like them. The communication between different student sections begins at these events. Once student section start sharing what they do in their sections, the ideas and knowledge travel from school to school.”
-ASME E-Fest East 2018 Attendee
“ASME E-Fest had a breadth of activities and a great opportunity to meet other motivated engineering students.”
-ASME E-Fest East 2018 Attendee

3. Celebrate Engineering

Outside of competitions, networking, and sessions, ASME E-Fests are fun! There’s music, photo booths, games, and plenty of opportunities to have a good time.

“It is important for students to attend an ASME E-Fest to connect with students around the world and to celebrate engineering in an innovative way. Jam-packed with events, competitions, and workshops, E-Fest allows students to grow their industry, engineering and communication skills. Most importantly, ASME E-Fest events give students the opportunity to de-stress and have fun with their fellow engineers!”
-ASME E-Fest West 2018 Attendee
“The festival had so many exciting categories and competitions that there was always something to do and always something to learn.”
-ASME E-Fest West 2018 Attendee
And if you’re not convinced yet, here’s the most compelling “engineer’s perspective” from a past ASME E-Fest attendee:

“Had an amazing time attending E-Fest. Met a lot of awesome people. Slept about two hours a night while attending (and a 17-hour drive), but totally worth it. 10/10 would do again.”
-ASME E-Fest East 2018 Attendee
Whether you choose to go to ASME E-Fest West in Pomona, California, or ASME E-Fest North in Lansing, Michigan, this year, we look forward to welcoming you to our multidisciplinary engineering family.

See you soon!