ASME E-Fests®

Innovate. Create. Compete. Celebrate. 


About ASME Engineering Festivals® & EFx Events

ASME Engineering Festivals® (or E-Fests) are way more than just a series of events. They're a movement driven by engineering students and early-career engineers, like YOU, that has gained force globally. We invite you to join thousands of students and young engineers from around world to ignite innovation, build your resume, meet with potential employers, participate in stimulating digital competitions, jumpstart your career and most importantly, celebrate engineering!  E-Fests include our two signature all virtual events:  E-Fest Careers and E-Fest Digital.

ASME EFx® events bring excitement and enthusiasm to your local community with smaller scale, thematic events hosted by you. EFx events provide a forum for students and early career engineers to share technical programming, career and professional development content, social and networking activities and much more.

  • Engineering Competitions
  • Lightning Talks
  • Career Advice + Mentoring
  • Interactive Workshops and Sessions
  • Entertainment and Fun

Engineering Competitions

Go beyond the classroom or laboratory and put engineering design principles to the test by applying them in ASME Student Competitions (enter as an individual or a team!).  Competitions are both all virtual (held at E-Fest Digital) or in-person (held at EFx events). 

All Virtual Competitions include:

  • NEW:  Extended Reality Challenge:  Lunar Lander
  • Extended Reality Challenge:  Autonomous Racing
  • Environmental Systems Engineering Division Competition NOW called: Sustainability Innovations Competition
  • Technical Digital Poster Competition, sponsored by the ASME Old Guard Committee

In-Person Competitions:

  • e-Human Powered Vehicle Challenge (e-HPVC), sponsored by Altair
  • Student Design Competition (SDC), sponsored by Boeing
  • Innovative Additive Manufacturing 3D Challenge (IAM3D®)
  • Elevator Pitch Competition, sponsored by the ASME Old Guard Committee
  • Oral Competition, sponsored by the ASME Old Guard Committee


Technology and Innovation Lightning Talks

These short but impactful talks delivered by pioneers in the industry, focus on cutting edge technologies and innovations that affect the field of engineering. Find out how organizations are adapting to these emerging technologies and what they’ve learned to improve their businesses. You'll also have a chance to meet our speakers and get your burning questions answered at informal networking breaks.

“I really enjoyed the speakers. They inspired me to stick to my difficult courses and expand my vision for what I can do with engineering.”

“The industry connections were the best part [of E-Fest] for me.”

Career Advice + Mentoring

Practicing engineers in today’s workforce give you the low down on what it’s actually like working as an engineer post-grad. Hear their stories, ask questions and build your resume!

“I enjoyed the opportunity to connect with business leaders that could someday be the deciding factor between myself and a job.”

"The best part of E-Fest was learning from professionals in industry.”

“I really enjoyed the presenters at the first lunch meeting, they inspired to be more productive, and keep pushing in the direction I want.”

Interactive Workshops and Sessions

Build your resume and skill set by participating in collaborative workshops that include hands-on software demos and professional development sessions designed to help you navigate the early stages of your career and excel as a new engineer!

“I was exposed to three CAD software programs that I wasn't aware of before.”

“The keynote speakers and presentations that were given helped in my professional and technical development.”

“The software workshops were the most interactive and helpful.”

Entertainment and Fun

Celebrate engineering by mixing and mingling with your peers from near and far. 

“Meeting other competitors and engineering students was fantastic.  Being in the same room as so many creators helped inspire me to work harder and innovate more for next year.”

“I think the best thing about E-Fest is that it brought so many different schools together, and it provided the students with the opportunity to socialize with each other. It was cool to see how the curriculum is applied all across the nation.”

"The Social Events were great!”

“The best part of E-Fest was the exciting atmosphere and energetic attitudes from everyone involved.”


Show your ASME Student Section pride and get some merchandise from the ASME Store!  We have a whole section dedicated to Student Sections.

Access the Discover Engineering and Turn your Ideas into Reality Video & Webinar Series sponsored by Siemens, to hear insightful stories and get practical engineering tools and tips from students and STEM educators. 

We will be rolling out a series of IN-PERSON ASME EFx® events during academic year 2022-2023.  Visit the EFx page for more information.  

Save the date for E-Fest Digital:  March 25, 2023.  Registration now open!

Please read this information regarding the ASME Anywhere Policy.


E-Fest Digital 2023 - Register Now!

March 25, 2023
Virtual, Digital

EFx Central CT State University - Register Now!

March 30, 2023
Central CT State University - includes Oral, Elevator Pitch & Impromptu Competitions
New Britain, CT; USA

EFx India - Register Now!

April 1-2, 2023
PES University - includes SDC, IAM3D, Oral, Elevator Pitch & Impromptu
Bengaluru , India

EFx Liberty University - Register Now!

April 14-15, 2023
Liberty University - includes eHPVC
Forest, Virginia; USA

EFx Purdue University - Register Now!

April 14-15, 2023
Purdue University - includes Impromptu Competition
West Lafayette, IN; USA

EFx Milwaukee School of Engineering - Register Now!

April 21-22, 2023
Milwaukee School of Engineering - includes Oral, SDC, IAM3D
Milwaukee, WI; USA

EFx Cal Poly Pomona - Register Now!

April 29, 2023
Cal Poly Pomona - includes IAM3D, Oral & Impromptu
Pomona, CA, USA

EFx Cairo - Register Now!

May 4, 2023
American University in Cairo - includes Elevator Pitch & Impromptu
Cairo, Egypt

XRC Autonomous Vehicles & Lunar Lander Challenges - Intro Webinar (Part 1) - View Now

February 15, 2023
On Demand
Global, Digital

XRC Autonomous Vehicles & Lunar Lander Challenges - Intro Webinar (Part 2) - View Now!

February 22, 2023
On Demand
Global, Digital

e-HPVC & Sustainability Innovations 2023 Competition Webinar Overview - View Now!

October 27, 2022
Digital, Global

Student Design Competition & Elevator Pitch Competition Overview Webinar - View Now!

September 15, 2022
Digital, Global

IAM3D® and XRC: Autonomous Vehicles Competition Overview Webinar - View Now!

September 22, 2022
Virtual, Digital

Oral & Technical Digital Poster Competitions Webinar - View Now!

October 6, 2022
Digital, Global