What is an ASME EFx®?

An ASME EFx® is designed to bring the excitement, community, innovation and vibrant experience of an ASME E-Fests™ flagship event, to local colleges and universities around the world. An ASME EFx® event is planned and executed by local organizers with the support of ASME staff, and allows the spirit of engineering and connection to ASME and E-Fests, to spread to students on a global level, without the cost and travel prohibitions that may exist by attending an E-Fest.

EFx events are an exciting opportunity for local colleges and universities to engage their engineering students in a unique way, provide professional development and skills training and prepare students to compete at full E-Fests.

What happens at an ASME EFx®?

Much like an E-Fest, an EFx is made up of similar components, but on a smaller scale (100-300 students) and a shorter duration (1/2 day to full day). These include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. Keynote Session: Address from the host institute, ASME representative, followed by a Keynote Speaker/Guest lecture that may focus on ASME’s strategic technologies (EFx Playbook available upon request).
  2. Knowledge/Training Events: Interactive workshops/sessions on design, soft skills and professional development topics to prepare students who may be participating in competitions at E-Fests.
  3. Impromptu Competitions: These challenges may be aligned with competitions at E-Fests to provide students with practical skills and exposure to the Human Powered Vehicle Challenge (HPVC), Student Design Competition (SDC), Old Guard Oral Competition, Elevator Pitch Competition and Innovative Additive Manufacturing 3D Competition (IAM3D). Impromptu challenges may also be at the discretion of the host institute and local organizers, and they should promote teamwork and enhancement of engineering skills.
  4. Innovation Showcase: Critical thinking sessions that will enable students to understand how technology is being used to improve the quality of life for underserved communities.
  5. Social/Fun/Networking Event: Performance/Entertainment/Networking event to encourage students to interact, have fun and celebrate engineering!

Who are the EFx key players?

  • Local Organizers: Volunteers who put together the end to end local EFx event in compliance with the EFx Contract and Playbook. *Most often, the Local Organizers will be College Students who are in an ASME Student Section. It may also include Faculty Advisors and Senior Section or Division Members who are helping to support the event.
  • Local Attendees: These are the individuals (mainly college students) who come to the local EFx event as a participant in order to network with potential employers, compete in impromptu challenges, learn and test new skills, or socialize and network with fellow classmates.
  • Sponsors: These companies may consider sponsoring a local EFx event in order to recruit college students for internship programs or jobs, showcase their products/services, or introduce their brand to engineering students.

Interested in hosting an ASME EFx®?

Download the EFx Host Application

Download EFx Prospective Organizers

Interested in attending an EFx?

Contact us at asmeefx@asme.org