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Upcoming 2023 / 2024 EFx Events:


  • EFx NDU Louaize (Notre Dame University - Louaize - Lebanon), October 13-14, 2023 - this event includes Oral, Elevator Pitch and Impromptu Competitions - Register Now!
  • EFx Lima - UTEC (Universidad de Ingeniería y Tecnología), October 20-21, 2023 - this event includes Oral Competition & Elevator Pitch Competition - Register Now!
  • EFx ESPOCH (Escuela Superior Politécnica de Chimborazo - Ecuador), October 20, 2023 - this event includes impromptu competitions - Register Now!
  • EFx Bogota (Universidad Escuela Colombiana de Ingeniería Julio Garavito - Colombia), November 17, 2023 - this event includes Oral Competition & Elevator Pitch Competition - Register Now!
  • More events will be added as they are confirmed




What is an ASME EFx®?

ASME EFx® events bring excitement and enthusiasm to your local community with smaller scale, thematic events hosted by you. EFx events provide a forum for students and early career engineers to share technical programming, career and professional development content, social and networking activities and much more.


What happens at an ASME EFx®?

Much like an E-Fest, an EFx is made up of similar components, but a shorter duration. These may include, but are not limited to the following elements:

  1. Local Competitions: These challenges may be aligned with E-Fest competitions to provide students with practical skills and exposure to the e-Human Powered Vehicle Challenge (e-HPVC), Student Design Competition (SDC), Oral Competition, Poster Competition, Elevator Pitch Competition, Environmental Systems Division Competition, and Innovative Additive Manufacturing 3D Competition (IAM3D). Local competitions may also be at the discretion of the host institute and local organizers, and they should promote teamwork and enhancement of engineering skills.
  2. Career & Professional Development: Interactive workshops/sessions focused on technical skills, soft skills, and professional development topics to prepare students to enter the workforce post-graduation.
  3. Networking:  Networking opportunities to meet speakers, fellow students, faculty, and prospective employers. Encourage students to interact, have fun and celebrate engineering!


What’s NEW about ASME EFx®?

  1. Your school may be eligible to host an official E-Fest competition(s):  e-Human Powered Vehicle Challenge (e-HPVC), Student Design Competition (SDC), Elevator Pitch Competition, Oral Competition or Innovative Additive Manufacturing 3D Competition (IAM3D).  Hosting an official competition requires approval from ASME, contracting between ASME and your school and adherence to strict safety guidelines subject to approval and subject to change.   
  2. ASME will host your event website and registration platform. 
  3. ASME will provide an EFx Toolkit plus marketing and social media templates for your section to utilize.  Let us help you.