e-HPVC: e-Human Powered Vehicle Challenge

ATTENTION E-FESTERS! Please read this important announcement about

ASME E-Fests® and ASME EFx® Events in academic year 2022 & 2023

We will be returning to IN-PERSON ASME EFx® events in academic year 2022-2023! EFx events will be IN-PERSON, locally organized throughout the world and several EFx events will include our ASME competitions.

Please visit the ASME E-Fest website for an updated list of events at https://efests.asme.org/. Events will be added as they are confirmed.

ASME will ALSO continue to host our two signature FULLY virtual events: E-Fest Careers (Nov. 12, 2022) and E-Fest Digital (March 25, 2023).

We encourage students, competitors, and faculty members to take advantage of the learning experiences provided by both our competitions and other digital offerings throughout the year. Questions may be directed to efests@asme.org.

Not all EFx events will have every competition available. Check that e-HPVC is available at that event before registering.

What is e-HPVC & 2023 Prizes

ASME's e-Human Powered Vehicle Challenge (e-HPVC), sponsored by Altair, is an engineering design and innovation competition that gives students the opportunity to network and apply engineering principles through the design, fabrication, and racing of human powered vehicles.   

The first HPVC competition was in 1983 at the University of California, Davis and was won by California State University, Chico.

sponsored by Altair




  • Overall 1st Place - $1,000.00
  • Overall 2nd Place - $750.00
  • Overall 3rd Place - $500.00         
  • Design 1st Place- $250.00
  • Design 2nd Place - certificate
  • Design 3rd Place - certificate
  • Endurance 1st Place - $250.00
  • Endurance 2nd Place - certificate
  • Endurance 3rd Place - certificate
  • Best Innovation - $250.00

e-HPVC 2023 Rules & Resources

Download The 2023 e-HPVC Rules (Revised Oct. 5, 2022)

e-HPVC will be held at in-person EFx events.  Not all EFx events will have every competition available. Check that e-HPVC is available at that event before registering.  EFx events will be posted as they are confirmed.

2023 e-HPVC competition rules include viewing two (2) Altair on-demand webinars that will assist teams with their HPV project.  Two (2) members per team will be required to view two (2) on-demand webinars at least 90 days prior to their EFx event and e-HPVC competition.  ASME/Altair have the option of reaching out to teams to ask questions pertaining to these videos.

Register NOW to access the following two on-demand webinars from Altair:

Introduction to Inspire for Fast Analysis, Optimization and lightweighting –   Learn how to use Inspire software to quickly set up models for FEA, Optimization and Lightweighting analysis.   Find out why many teams are leveraging Inspire to be used for these type of analysis and to come up with novel/organic optimal designs that can be either produced by AM, CNC, Stamping or other manufacturing processes.

Systems Engineering for Beginners – Designing safe and reliable systems is a task each engineering student will face one day. Review this session to learn more about system simulation with Altair Activate, how it’s set up is analogous to SimuLink and how to set up 3D simulations to co-simulate with your control systems.


Learn More and View the e-HPVC & Sustainability Innovations Competition Overview Webinar (this is a rules overview and not part of the Altair on-demand webinar requirement)

Additional e-HPVC Resources


If you have questions, please submit them to the HPVC Q&A Forum