e-HPVC: e-Human Powered Vehicle Challenge

What is e-HPVC & 2024 Prizes

ASME's e-Human Powered Vehicle Challenge (e-HPVC), is an engineering design and innovation competition that gives students the opportunity to network and apply engineering principles through the design, fabrication, and racing of human powered vehicles.   

The first HPVC competition was in 1983 at the University of California, Davis and was won by California State University, Chico.


  • Overall 1st Place:  $1,000.00, trophy
  • Overall 2nd Place:  $750.00, trophy
  • Overall 3rd Place:    $500.00, trophy
  • Design 1st Place:     $250.00, trophy
  • Design 2nd Place:  Trophy
  • Design 3rd Place:   Trophy
  • Endurance 1st Place:  $250.00, trophy
  • Endurance 2nd Place:  Trophy
  • Endurance 3rd Place:   Trophy
  • Best Innovation:  $250.00, trophy
  • WINNERS will also receive an ASME Digital Badge (learn more about digital badges)

AY23-24 e-HPVC Rules & Resources

Download the AY23-24 e-HPVC Rules (rev Nov. 29, 2024)

e-HPVC will be held at in-person EFx events.  Not all EFx events will have every competition available. Check that e-HPVC is available at that event before registering.  EFx events will be posted as they are confirmed.

Download the AY23-24 eHPVC Forms


If you have questions, please submit them to the HPVC Q&A Forum