Elevator Pitch Competition

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Hey E-Festers!  Are you ready for a new challenge?  Well, we’ve got one for you!  Do you want to show off your speaking skills and/or power of persuasion?  Do you want to introduce an idea succinctly?  If yes, then show us your imagination and join us for the brand new - ASME Elevator Pitch Competition.

What is the Elevator Pitch Competition?

This new competition will take place at our 2020 ASME E-Fests.  The theme and challenge statement will remain the same for each E-Fest.

*To participate in the challenge, you must register through the regional E-Fest event website:

E-Fest Asia Pacific
E-Fest North
E-Fest South

Review the full rules and guidelines, determine which E-Fest you are attending and then begin the preparations for your ‘pitch’. 

2020 Topic Challenge Statement:

Additive manufacturing is one of the newest and hottest technologies today. It’s transforming the manufacturing segment. In your elevator pitch, use one application of additive manufacturing and convince us that it will help a company reduce costs and improve efficiency.

An elevator pitch of 90 seconds or less is intended to “sell” your ideas and skillset to a potential employer, decision maker, or influencer. You only need to provide enough details during the presentation to entice your audience to meet with you again for a more detailed conversation. In other words, you want to compel the audience to bring you back for a further conversation.

Download the 2020 Rules

Space is limited! You will first need to register as an individual attendee for the E-Fest you plan to attend.  Additionally, you will also need to register for the Elevator Pitch Competition (during the E-Fest registration process). Once you arrive on-site at E-Fest you will be required to ‘check-in’ for the Elevator Pitch Competition.  The first 35 students to check-in will be confirmed for the competition and be eligible to win up to $250 in prize money (sponsored by the ASME Old Guard Committee).  Once registered, we’ll provide you with reminders (via e-mail) about the on-site process.. 

Related E-Fest Session(s)

Whether or not you compete in this competition, each E-Fest will offer a session that is designed to guide students about the art of promoting and selling his/her ideas.  Early Career Engineers will be on hand to mentor and offer advice on how best to highlight a young engineer’s creativity and skillset.  Note: Any E-Fest participant can attend this session.