Elevator Pitch Competition

ATTENTION E-FESTERS!  Please read this important announcement about ASME E-Fests® in 2022

ASME E-Fest Digital (March 25-26, 2022) and affiliated competitions will NOT be held in-person.  They will continue to be virtual for academic year ’21-’22.  

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What is the Elevator Pitch Competition & Prizes

An elevator pitch of 90 seconds or less is intended to “sell” your ideas and skillset to a potential employer, decision maker, or influencer. You only need to provide enough details during the presentation to entice your audience to meet with you again for a more detailed conversation. In other words, you want to compel the audience to bring you back for a further conversation.

Do you want to show off your speaking skills and/or power of persuasion?  Do you want to introduce an idea succinctly?  If yes, then show us your imagination and join us for the ASME Elevator Pitch Competition.


  • 1st Place - $500.00
  • 2nd Place - $300.00
  • 3rd Place - $150.00

2022 Elevator Pitch Competition WINNERS & Rules

The 2022 Elevator Pitch Competition Winners:

  • 1st place – Jana Kabrit - Rafik Hariri University
  • 2nd place – Ricardo Vergara - Universidad Nacional de Colombia sede Medellín
  • 3rd place – Ishaan Thakur – Virginia Commonwealth University


Download the UPDATED 2022 Elevator Pitch Competition Rules

**2023 Rules and Information will post soon!**


If you have additonal questions, please submit them to efests@asme.org