Elevator Pitch Competition

What is the Elevator Pitch Competition & Prizes

An elevator pitch of 90 seconds or less is intended to “sell” your ideas and skillset to a potential employer, decision maker, or influencer. You only need to provide enough details during the presentation to entice your audience to meet with you again for a more detailed conversation. In other words, you want to compel the audience to bring you back for a further conversation.

Do you want to show off your speaking skills and/or power of persuasion?  Do you want to introduce an idea succinctly?  If yes, then show us your imagination and join us for the ASME Elevator Pitch Competition.


AY'23-'24 Elevator Pitch Competition Rules

Download The AY23-24 Elevator Pitch Competition Rules - AY'24-'25 rules NOT YET POSTED.

The Elevator Pitch Competition, sponsored by the ASME Old Guard Committee, will be held at in-person EFx events.  Not all EFx events will have every competition available. Check that the Elevator Pitch Competition is available at that event before registering.  EFx events will be posted as they are confirmed.


If you have additonal questions, please submit them to efests@asme.org