IAM3D®: Innovative Additive Manufacturing 3D Challenge

What is the IAM3D® Competition & Prizes

The ASME Innovative Additive Manufacturing 3D (IAM3D®) Challenge is designed to give mechanical and multi-disciplinary undergraduate students around the world an opportunity to re-engineer existing products or create new designs. Students competing in IAM3D® will showcase their creativity by demonstrating the value added through their ingenuity, application of sound engineering design principles, and leveraging Additive Manufacturing technologies.

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AY'24-'25 IAM3D® Competition Rules - COMING SOON!

IAM3D® will be held at in-person EFx events.  Not all EFx events will have every competition available. Check that IAM3D® is available at that event before registering.

In collaboration with our sponsor, Altair, we have a lightweighting on-demand webinar to help you better compete in IAM3D®.  Register now for on-demand viewing. 

Additional Altair Educational Resources (free student software, team sponsorship opportunities, and much more) are available by below. 


If you have questions, please submit them to IAM3D@asme.org.