XRC: ASME Extended Reality Challenge: Autonomous Vehicles

What is the Extended Reality Challenge: Autonomous Vehicles & Prizes

The ASME Extended Reality Challenge is a FULLY DIGITAL competition, and it will focus on autonomous racing.   The competition will enable student teams to:

  • Design a vehicle using the CAD software of their choice within the constraints provided in the competition rules
  • Write an algorithm to control their vehicle using our block based programming software to navigate through a virtual practice course
  • Compete against other teams during an autonomous race on a virtual race track during E-Fest Digital 



2024 ASME Extended Reality Challenge: Autonomous Racing Rules, Deadlines, Registration, User Guide, How-to-Video

The Extended Reality Challenge:  Autonomous Vehicles will ONLY be held VIRTUALLY and at E-Fest Digital - REGISTER NOW (March 16, 2024).




If you have questions about E-Fest Digital, please submit them to efests@asme.org

If you have technical questions about the competition, please post to the XRC Autonomous Vehicles Q&A Forum.