Realizing Dreams at ASME E-Fest SA

No matter how difficult or diversified your dreams, always attempt to reach them. You could get a new job; live in another country; or attend an event you organize. One of my dreams became true when a friend invited me to help a team organize an event, the E-Fest South America 2018, hosted at the Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), Brazil.

There were several meetings with the ASME staff to guide me through the right paths and, in the end, make the Human Powered Vehicle Challenge (HPVC) become possible at the event. Creating something big is like a roller coaster, it has ups and downs: one moment you are dealing with deadlines and delays in signing contracts and the other you are making unforgettable friendships and getting to know yourself a little better. You learn how to take advantage even of the lows of this journey to challenge yourself. You get more confident once you discover the things you are capable of and, for me, that was the best part of the entire job.

When the time came and I saw so many competitors, it was relieving and educational. There were so many different people from all over the world and that gave me the opportunity to understand new cultures, see the happiness, make amazing new friends and, for sure, watch an HPVC competition. I liked the Venezuelan team the most. Despite delicate situations they were not shaken. After days of walking, literally carrying the vehicle on their backs, taking buses and catching a flight, they were extremely focused and satisfied by getting there. It was the best expression of how I felt while we were working hard to make the event possible.

And now that the E-Fest South America 2018 is gone I can say, very confidently, that it was worth every drop of blood sweat and tears we all shed. If you are searching for immersive engineering content, looking to meet different people, or learn about global technology trends, you should consider participating in the next E-Fest.

Challenging yourself is the key to opening uncountable doors that might be initially closed on the journey of life, so always try to push your limits to achieve your dreams.

Lucas Pigliasco is a member of the 2018-2019 E-Fest Leadership Program

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