Dividing and Conquering to put together ASME E-Fest SA

Blood, sweat and tears. To put together an event with such a high standard of quality as the ASME E-Fests, you need to give your very best. That includes several meetings, brainstorms, calls, and late nights. The students, teachers, and ASME professionals involved in producing the first-ever E-Fest South America worked hard every day to make sure the experience was the greatest ever.

Being a fourth-period undergraduate student working at a Formula SAE team, getting involved in another project was a real challenge. Never had I imagined that I could work as hard as we all did to balance a full-time mechanical engineering course with the required effort to plan a first-of-its-kind festival in Brazil, alongside our extracurricular activities. At first, it was a great escape from my comfort zone, but it was an incredible growth experience and I made the right choice.

At first, figuring out how the event would look like was arduous. Adapting the general idea behind E-Fest to the South American reality required numerous adaptations, changing program items and working with limitations, both financial and logistical.

The goal was always to meet, or even exceed, the students’ expectations. That meant figuring out the program and infrastructure needed to make it attractive to the public. We wanted to reach as many students as we could, so we had to invest time in marketing the event. We also needed to make sure our budget covered our expenses, which required sponsors. To achieve all of that, our team went above and beyond, working every day to complete our tasks, reach our goals, and target and solve issues that would come up. We divided ourselves into teams focusing on each challenge, helping each other, and holding weekly update meetings.

In the end, the work we put in was worth it when everything panned out and the whole event came together. Seeing the happy faces of everyone present, talking to them and hearing their stories was amazing. Never could we have imagined the result to be so impressive. Being able to say E-Fest South America was a success is the best feeling in the world.

Brenno Vieira is a member of the 2018-2019 E-Fest Leadership Program
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