Top 5 Tips to Advertise Your Meeting

It’s time for another semester of classes and across the world, student section leaders are gearing up for another year of ASME-filled activities. Budgets are being created, trips are being planned, and the biggest task of all, new members are being recruited.
One of the best ways to recruit new members is by having them attend your ASME student section meetings. Although a lot of time and effort goes into planning a student section meeting, all of that work is futile unless you can bring members to your meeting. So here are five tips on how to get the word out about your upcoming meetings.
1. Advertise on Social Media
Advertising on social media is a great way to reach out to students. The first couple of weeks of classes can be quite hectic and people might not have the time to speak in person. But everyone is on their phones and computers.

2. Tabling
Most universities have some sort of student organization fair or recruitment event. These events are a great opportunity to meet students who are expressing an interest in getting involved. Be sure to bring samples of your projects like your Human Powered Vehicle Challenge or Student Design Competition entry to show students what they’re getting involved in. Giveaways when tabling can also be helpful make sure to stock up on candy or even better ASME merchandise from our newly launched Lands’ End Page.
Other items to consider adding to your table, to showcase your organization’s network, is company “swag.” This could range from pamphlets promoting a company to branded goodies. This shows off your organization’s professional side, and how student members can increase his or her network by attending meetings and activities. Plus who doesn’t like free stuff?
Jennifer Lynskey, Treasurer, Pennsylvania State University 2017-2018
3. Go to Class
Reach out to your faculty advisory and entry-level engineering class professors for the opportunity to advertise your meeting in their classrooms. Many professors want to help students get involved and they might let you present to their students about your next meeting. If possible, ask for the opportunity to do this the same week as the upcoming meeting, so it’s on the students’ minds. Many professors will even let you do this throughout the semester for each upcoming meeting. Remember, many “Engineering 100” type of classes have meeting attendance as a requirement and you want your meeting to be the one they use. Also, don’t forget to mention that ASME membership dues are waived for first year students.
“I have found that one of the best methods for advertising is by going to ME-specific classes, since you are able to target a highly interested audience. Our club would make a habit of visiting ME 100L (Intro to ME) during the beginning of the year to advertise our club meetings. We never had a problem with professor giving us time, with some even wanting to help us advertise. Professors would often keep flyers so that students are able to pick more up after class or even for the later classes.”
Isabel Gutierrez, Chapter President at Cal Poly Pomona  
4. Paper the Town
Another great way to reach out to students is through flyers. Identify key places that potential members will be walking by every day and print out a couple of flyers to advertise your upcoming meeting. Many universities have student organization bulletin boards and spaces that you can use as well.
5. Ask for Help
Professors and your own department is another way to can connect with the students.
“Another great way to reach students is by using your department and professors. The department of mechanical engineering is constantly visited by students of all grade levels and is a great way for your club to advertise. Towards the beginning of every quarter, we would send our weekly newsletter to our department head who after verifying it, would forward it to the entire mechanical engineering student body. These newsletters would also be uploaded to Blackboard so that students could access them anytime. Professors are sometimes more than happy to provide extra incentives (like extra credit) to your club events. Although only remembered for academic services, your ME department and professors are great resources to advertise your club and are always happy to help.”
Isabel Gutierrez, Chapter President at Cal Poly Pomona

Valentina Alayon is ASME’s Coordinator, Student & Early Career Engagement & Experience.