Student Engineers Win at E-Fests 2018

ASME’s second year of Engineering Festivals (E-Fests) celebrated engineering at three events—E-Fest Asia Pacific in Delhi, India, E-Fest West in Pomona, Calif, and E-Fest East at State College, Pa. More than 2,800 people attended the two festivals, which featured panel discussions, workshops, networking and social activities, and student competitions such as the Human Powered Vehicle Challenge (HPVC), the Student Design Competition, and the Old Guard Competitions.

With more than 1,000 attendees, ASME E-Fest Asia Pacific, was held March 16-18 at Delhi Technological University. At the end of the competition, the team from Vellore Institute of Technology emerged as the overall HPVC winner. The team also placed first in the design category and third in the men’s speed event. The team from B. H. Gardi College of Engineering and Technology placed second overall, as well as third in the women’s speed event and the endurance race. Finishing third overall was the HPVC team from the E-Fest’s host, Delhi Technological University. The team also took first place in the women’s and men’s speed events and third in the design category.

Other big winners at E-Fest Asia Pacific included Team Jaani Doucheman from Shiv Nadar University, which took home the $500 first prize at the Student Design Competition (SDC) challenge; Aliva Dash from National Institute of Technology (NIT) Rourkela, who received top honors—and a $750 prize—at the Old Guard Oral Competition; Samarpan Dev Majunder from the Institute of Engineering & Management (IEM) Kolkata who finished first in the Old Guard Poster Competition, receiving $300; and Sai Ganesh of Chaitanya Bharathi Institute of Technology (CBIT) Hyderabad, who received $250 as the winner of the event’s Impromptu CAD Battle.

The second E-Fest of the season, E-Fest West, took place from March 23-25 at the Fairplex in Pomona, Calif. Students from the state of South Dakota performed impressively in most of the competitions held at the festival, which drew a crowd of nearly 650 people.

South Dakota State University’s HPVC team placed first overall as well as in the women’s speed event and the innovation category. In addition, the team finishing second in both the men’s speed event and the endurance race and third in the design category. The team from California State University, Northridge, the overall runner-up in the competition, took top honors in the endurance race, and second place in both the women’s speed event and the innovation category. The University of California, Berkeley, team rounded out the top three teams overall and picked up a second-place award for design as well as a special “Craftsmanship Award” for their vehicle.

In addition to its overall win at the E-Fest West HPVC, South Dakota State fared well in the Old Guard Oral Competition, with students Claire Eggleston and Christian Hogan taking home second and third-place prizes, respectively. A student from another South Dakota university, Josiah Horner of South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, received the first prize at a different Old Guard-sponsored student contest held at E-Fest West, the Old Guard Poster Competition.

The University of Las Vegas, Nevada took top honors and received a $500 prize at the festival’s other major student contest, the SDC “Robot Football” challenge, which was inspired by the 2018 FIFA World Cup tournament, students were asked to design and build robots capable of competing in a four way game of football—or soccer, as it’s called in the U.S. California State University, Northridge’s team placed second in the competition, receiving $300, while the team from Utah State University won the $150 third prize.

The third in the series of E-Fests took place from April 13 to 15 at Penn State University in State College, Pa. with over 1,000 attendees. Nearly 50 teams from universities in the United States, Canada, India, and Egypt competed in the HPVC at E-Fest East. At the end of the three-day competition, the team from South Dakota State University, named FlapJack, took home the $800 overall first prize, $200 for placing first in the design submission, and $200 for finishing first in the women’s speed event. The team also placed second in the men’s speed event.

Meanwhile, the team from the University of Akron, ZC18, took home both the $500 overall HPVC second prize and the $200 first prize in the men’s speed category. The team also finished second in both the women’s speed race and the endurance event. The competition’s overall third prize—and the $300 that accompanied it—went to Scorpion, the team from Ohio University, which also finished third in the men’s and women’s speed races and the endurance event. The team was also named the winner of a special Sportsmanship Award.

In this year’s E-Fest East SDC challenge, a team of students from the University of Florida finished first in the spirited daylong event, taking home the $500 first prize for their efforts. The Milwaukee School of Engineering team placed second, winning $300, while the team from Drexel University rounded out the top three at the E-Fest East SDC, receiving the $150 third prize.

Two separate Old Guard Oral Presentation Competitions were held at E-Fest East. Joseph Koch of the University of Delaware and Peder Solberg of South Dakota State University each placed first in their respective competitions and received the $750 first prize. Charlotte Kroc from the Milwaukee School of Engineering and Clark Rice from the University of Akron each won the $400 second prize in their competitions, followed by Elliott Jost of Baylor University and Matthew Gairrusso of Union College, who each received the $200 third prize.

Three other students also won $100 at the Old Guard Oral Competitions: Minh Nguyen of Florida Atlantic University, who came in fourth place, and Devon Heston of Penn State and Matthieu Audet of Western New England University, who were both recognized in the technical content category.

A student from Western New England University, Caroline Teti, took top honors at the other Old Guard event held at the E-Fest: the Old Guard Technical Poster Competition. Teti received $300 for her winning poster presentation. Tiange Zhang of the University of Delaware placed second, winning $200, and Micah Hardyman of Tennessee Technological University finished in third place, receiving $100.

Micah Hardyman fared even better in the Impromptu CAD Battle at E-Fest East, a competition where students could show off their design skills. Hardyman won first prize at the event and received $250. Gabriel Rios and Kristianna Nicolai, both from the University of Central Florida, finished second and third in the competition, winning $150 and $75, respectively.

Daniel Fahy of Oxford University won the $250 first prize at another E-Fest event, the GrabCAD Challenge, which focused on “Engineering a 3D Printed Drone Attachment for Agriculture.” Artem Tayurskii of Germany’s Chemnitz University of Technology and Ben Emre of Canada’s Conestoga College placed second and third at the challenge and received $100 and $75, respectively. ASME, Stratasys/GrabCAD, and Siemens partnered to create the 3D challenge for each E-Fest with the aim of providing a solution to a problem that is unique to each E-Fest region.

Benedict Bahner is electronic publishing editor, Public Information, at ASME
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