Dedication to Engineering Starts at E-Fest

As a freshman in college, becoming a part of the Cal Poly Pomona ASME E-Fest West planning committee was not only an eye-opening experience but also a growing one. Not only did this festival gave me a glimpse into what I would be doing at school for the next few years, it also bonded me with some brilliant mechanical engineering students.

From merely manning the registration area all the way to judging the robot rally events, E-Fest taught me the ins and outs of putting on a festival as big as this. At times it was tough planning a festival of this size because of everyday classwork and extra-curricular activities. Some days the student lead team and myself could not find a suitable time that fit all of our schedules to meet and plan. It all came down to commitment and dedication. As student leads, we were all passionate about this festival and all it could accomplish if it were successful. The vigor and strength of the student lead team was the driving force behind the work we were able to get done.   
An engineering festival was an unheard of concept to me, before ASME’s E-Fest came along.  Every aspect of the festival blew my expectations out of the water. It was a modern and technology-savvy festival filled with photo booth fun, drones, insane giveaways, and so many activities. The environment was youthful with its bright colors, mason jar water bottles, and swag bags. It was also welcoming of new ideas, designs, and healthy competition. The way different schools and teams were able to come together for the purpose of learning and contributing to the field of engineering was inspiring.
The robot rally was an event I had never seen before. I was able to get up-close and personal as a judge and truly feel the anxious, passion-driven environment each team reflected. At almost all times, I caught myself rooting for the team I was judging because I saw the amount of hard work and dedication they had put into their bots. This event definitely made me want to participate in future robot rally events. 
From planning E-Fest as a student lead, I have taken away new friends, knowledge, and more drive and passion for what I do at school. As a mechanical engineering student, school can be strenuous at times; but with events like the E-Fest, where hundreds of people come together for the sole purpose of expanding their knowledge, it is a motivator and reenergizer to continue to work hard in and out of school.
Trisha Satish is a member of the 2018-2019 E-Fest Leadership Program
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