Engineers Innovate, Create, Compete and Celebrate

Innovate. Create. Compete. Celebrate. This was the slogan for ASME E-Fests 2018. At E-Fest you do exactly that. From participating in fantastic design competitions to listening to inspiring speakers, E-Fest fully encompasses what mechanical engineering is all about. This event brings students to the core of what we can do with our knowledge and what brings us all together as engineering students. The four words innovate, create, compete, and celebrate sum up the full experience of E-Fest.

Innovate. E-Fest East focused a lot on the innovation of students in their competitions and the new developments in additive manufacturing. In events like the Student Design Competition (SDC) and the Human Powered Vehicle Competition (HPVC), students came up with new ways to tackle the problems and challenges they faced. The keynote speaker, Albert Manero, gave an inspirational talk about creating state-of-the-art 3-D printed prosthetics for children. We also had Professor Tim Simpson give a talk on the innovations occurring in 3-D printing research. He also led students in a design competition to challenge them to innovate new creative solutions using 3-D printing.

Create. Students from across the country, and globe, attended E-Fest this year. E-Fest was able to create an environment for students to interact with each other and to network with peers and professionals.  Creating personal and professional bonds was accompanied by creating a children’s exhibit for the Discovery Space. The Discovery Space is a children’s science museum in downtown State College.  Students were able to work together to create a one of a kind exhibit for children, in the hopes to inspire them to pursue opportunities in STEM.

Compete. We had three major competitions at E-Fest: HPVC, SDC, and Old Guard Competitions. The PSU student volunteer primarily involved with HPVC, Max Hulax, described the competition as an “Event for students to apply practicality, efficiency, sustainability, and speed qualities to a vehicle that utilizes human power. Students compete in four categories: design, innovation, speed, and endurance.”  Greta Gasswint, the PSU student volunteer primarily involved in SDC described the event as “The SDC is a team event where schools design robots to play against each other in a predetermined game. This year it was styled after soccer. Each team had wildly different approaches, making the event fast paced, exciting, and it clearly brought together all who were in attendance.” My primary role was serving as the lead student volunteer for the Old Guard Competitions, which challenged the students to use their communication skills in oral presentations and technical poster presentations.

Celebrate. Throughout the weekend everyone was celebrating the achievements of those attending E-Fest East. We had a local band, Go Go Gadjet, preform on the opening night for everyone to kick off the weekend. We also got to celebrate the involvement of all the students in each pillar of the festival. In short, E-Fest was an incredible experience. If you get the chance to attend, do it. There is so much to celebrate within this ASME Festival.

Jenny Lynskey is a member of the 2018-2019 E-Fest Leadership Program
If your university is interested in hosting a future E-Fest, checkout the Host Application for more information and how to apply.