ASME Sustainability Innovations Competition for Students & Early Career Professionals

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The Sustainability Innovations Competition will ONLY be held VIRTUALLY and at E-Fest Digital.

What is the Sustainability Innovations Competition & Prizes

We are excited to announce that we've updated, renamed and expanded the Environmental Systems Division Competition.  It is now called the Sustainability Innovations Competition!:

The ASME Environmental Systems Division (ESD), Engineering for Change (E4C) and Engineering Global Development (EGD) are sponsoring the 2023 Sustainability Innovations Competition for Student and Early Career Professionals (at E-Fest Digital 2023).  This competition aims to increase exposure of students and early-career engineers to the intersection of engineering and sustainability, and to highlight opportunities for engineers to innovate for social good.

The competition is open to and divided in to three groups:  Undergraduate Students, Graduate Students and Early-Career Engineers.  It will have three rounds (each round being an elimination round) including an abstract submission, semi-final video and live (digital) final presentation.


  • 1st prize:  $500
  • 2nd prize:  $300
  • 3rd prize:  $200

2023 ASME Sustainability Innovations Competition Rules, Resources & Deadlines

Download the 2023 Sustainability Innovations Competition Rules

The Sustainability Innovations Competition will ONLY be held VIRTUALLY and at E-Fest Digital (March 25, 2023).

Learn More and View the e-HPVC & Sustainability Innovations Competition Overview Webinar

Sustainability Innovations Competition - 2023 Deadlines 
Deliverable Method of Submission Due Date (MM/DD/YYYY)
Register for E-Fest Digital Register Now! Registration OPEN; abstract submission is CLOSED.
200-300 word abstract CLOSED CLOSED
Semi-final video Form to be provided by ASME staff 2/15/2023
Video Release Form for semi-final video Form to be provided by ASME staff 2/15/2023
Complete E-Fest Digital Speaker Release Form for Finals Form to be provided by ASME staff 3/17/2023
FINAL live presentation Zoom link to be provided by ASME staff 3/25/2023


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