Altair Simulation Challenge


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What is the Altair Simulation Challenge & Prizes

This challenge recognizes the use of CAE (computer aided engineering) simulation to understand and enhance a part or system of parts.  Simulation must be done with Altair simulation tools, which can be obtained either by requesting a free software sponsor from Altair’s landing page, using the Free Student Edition or if available at a  participant’s school.  Simulation options can include but are not limited to linear analysis, optimization or light weighting, control systems, CFD, NVH, and fatigue.  Awards will be presented to the Teams which demonstrate outstanding improvement in the design of any part or system of parts that was achieved by using CAE simulation.

Altair hosted two training workshops to support the Altair Simulation Challenge:

Creating Lightweight Optimized Designs with Altair Inspire - View the YouTube recording now.

Lower energy consumption and better performance with optimized aerodynamics (CFD) with Altair Virtual Wind Tunnel- View the YouTube recording now.


1st Place - $750.00
2nd Place - $500.00
3rd Place - $250.00

Altair Simulation Challenge Rules & Deadlines

Download the Altair Simulation Challenge 2021 Rules.

Upcoming Deadlines:



Register for the Altair Simulation Challenge and E-Fest Digital by March 8, 2021.


If you have questions about the Altair Simulation Challenge rules, email and, and visit our Altair Simulation Challenge landing page where you will find a student forum, resources and much more at: 

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